Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday Deals 2013

12 Fonts 4 Dyslexia (NEW)
Old Price: $55.00
Price: $17.00
You save: $38.00
 (Offer expires today)

Looking for a Clear, Simplified Font Collection to
Help Your Dyslexic Students Learn to Read?

Dear Teacher,

The award-winning developer and Fonts4Teachers creator Ramón Abajo has done it again. He has developed a set of attractive, easy-to-read fonts that your students are guaranteed to love...and find easier to read.

Fonts4Teachers is proud to introduce the Fonts 4 Dyslexia collection. This collection was designed specifically with ease-of-use for dyslexic and special-needs readers in mind.

What Makes the Fonts 4 Dyslexia Collection So Helpful?

The Fonts 4 Dyslexia collection was designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind. While most typefaces emphasize aesthetics, symmetry, and shape repetition, it makes each letter significantly unique, so that developing readers can more easily distinguish one character from another. Each of the fonts is highly simplified in form, yet each stands out with a unique and unmistakable clarity.

The Fonts 4 Dyslexia collection contains no quirks or serifs. The design also incorporates greater spaces between letters, heavier capital letters, diacritic marks and punctuation marks, and a suite of other unique characteristics.
The bottom line? These fonts were designed for clarity. And for your young readers, the more clarity...the easier it will be for them to discover the joy of reading.   

Get Both Sets of Fonts 4 One Great Price

This fonts’ collection contains two font variations, which have been adapted to appeal to readers in two different age groups. This normally retails for $($55.00). If you order the collection today, you'll get them for just ($17.00).  You SAVE $38.00.

But don't wait, this deal is only good through 12 a.m. tonight!
Keep your developing readers going strong! 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers Promo Code - December 2013 (Cyber Monday)

Teachers Pay Teachers Promo Code - December 2013 
(Cyber Monday: Monday and Tuesday). 


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Saturday, November 9, 2013

5 Things You Can Do If A TPT Product Is Not Selling Well

Many new Teachers Pay Teachers store sellers are concerned with the number of products. No doubt having numerous products increases the likelihood of being found in the search engines, either TPT or Google, to name the most significant). However, very few sellers try to revitalize those products that are not selling. And they are not selling for a reason. Here I will give you my opinion on what to do in case a product is not selling after a few months in TPT. 


 1. Change the price: If after a few months, from 3 to 6 I would suggest, the product is not selling is time to change the price. Do a search in the TPT search box and check for similar products and see the prices they are asking for them. 

2. Change the product title: I used the word "typeface" in one of my products and nobody bought it. I checked the TpT Seller's Handbook with Top Keywords and I did a search in TPT. I realized that nobody was looking for that term. Instead, people were looking for "font". I changed the product title and I started selling my product almost overnight.

3. Change the product description. The product description has to be aligned with the product title. Both should pursue the same keyword(s) (ex. "fonts") instead of different terms (ex. "fonts" vs. "typefaces"). Check the handbook and make sure that the "density" (# times you repeat the keyword) of the keyword that you use is the appropriate. 

4. Change the cover pictures and samples. If you check your statistics and few people downloaded your preview, this means that the product is not appealing to buyers. You have to apply tips 1-3. If this does not work, then change the cover picture and the samples and see what happens.

5. Change the preview. If you check your statistics and many people downloaded your preview but few bought the product, this means that the preview may not be appealing. It is time to change it. Look around and download previews from successful sellers and see how they do it.

Et voila! You have a new product! 


Note*: These ideas depend on the time you have been selling in TPT and other factors. Take them with a pinch of salt. They have proved to be valuable for me. And I am pretty sure they can help many of you.
What are other strategies that you are using to revamp your products? Share with us and please leave a post!

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