Friday, March 29, 2013

Printable Easter Alphabet Letters 4 Kids

A high-resolution, colorful, fully scalable digital Easter Clip-Art Alphabet. Perfect to print large pattern letters for kids, words and titles for all your craft projects and bulletin boards.


No more trying to design your own letters or wasting time creating complex designs in Photoshop. With this ready-to-print Alphabet, you can print the letters directly from the file and then cut and glue it onto objects, paper, fabric, wood or other craft materials. You can also import the Clip-Art Alphabet into your Word document.


 Alphabet Patterns are available by immediate download. Include
upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation and Spanish language characters. Alphabets include 26 letters, capital letters and lower case, as well as punctuation. Over a 100 characters!

PS: This is not a font, but rather a set of images you can either print by themselves, or drag-and-drop one by one to insert them in your Word document.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Free Easter Digital Clipart for Kids {Black/White - Color}

The Easter Clipart collection gives you for FREE 10 graphics you and your students need for Easter decoration, projects and reports. Enhance your bulletin boards, letters, postcards and more with this collection of 10 high-resolution seasonal images!

You can get the whole ClipArt4Teachers collection. 564 black/white and color, high resolution images (JPEG) divided into 22 categories (Personal and Commercial use). Click HERE.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Best Teaching Advice for New Teachers

I was reading not long ago an article on Education Week about the best advice for new teachers. The article had many good points, but my I would like to emphasize this one:

Watch other teachers teach. You will probably have to arrange this yourself. But do it, even if it means taking a fake sick day in November to watch colleagues in another school. Do it during your planning period, too. Good teachers will be flattered when you ask permission to sit in their classes for a half-hour. Once you watch a dozen other teachers, you'll have a baseline for measuring your own successes and screw-ups, plus a basket of field-tested techniques. 

It is all about growing and learning everyday. Do not get stuck. Your teaching techniques will get rusty as you get too comfortable in your room thinking that you know everything. 

Fellow teachers give us your opinion about the best piece of advice you ever got. You can join this amazing Linky party at Dragonflies in First and share with us all your opinions. 

Greatest Women in History

It turned out that the hair grew quickly and I learned slowly. As a result, I cut off the hair in punishment for my head’s ignorance, for it didn’t seem right to me that a head so naked of knowledge should be dressed up with hair, for knowledge is a more desirable adornment,

—from The Reply to the Very Illustrious Sor Philotea de la Cruz, written in 1691

 Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz is considered the first great Latin American poet and one of the most important Hispanic literary figures. She wrote following the complex style of the Spanish Golden Age masters, particularly Luis de Góngora y Argote, and produced some of the most beautiful sonnets in the Spanish language, while excelling also as a dramatist. 

Sor Juana was published in different parts of the Hispanic world during her lifetime and she enjoyed the reputation of being the premiere Baroque poet in New Spain (Mexico), which earned her both praise and vicious misogynistic attacks. Sor Juana was persecuted for being an intellectual and a woman, a nun, and a writer who wrote quite provocatively in the very Christian New Spain of the 1600s. 

**Special thanks for EDSITE

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Free Clipart Images 4 Teachers and Students

This past month Fonts 4 Teachers offered all Teachers Pay Teachers members our collection of FREE clipart images for Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day.

 You can find these two freebies in our TPT store. They are part of a larger collection called Cliparts 4 Teachers, a set of 564 black/white and color, high resolution images (JPEG) divided into 22 categories:  

- Back to School
- Backgrounds and Borders
- Christmas
- Cinco de Mayo
- Crops
- Diplomas
- Easter
- Farm Animals
- Hall Passes
- Halloween
- Happy Birthday
- Independence Day
- Miscellaneous
- Names of Seasons-Months-Days
- New Year
- Objects
- Seasons
- Sports
- St. Patrick’s Day
- Thanksgiving Day
- Valentine’s Day
- Wild Animals

All the cliparts can be used in any application (Mac or Windows) or printer available. The artwork design was done by Jesús Max and the project directed by Award Winning Teacher (1990) Ramón Abajo. Here you can take a look at the series Back to School and Christmas.

  As you can see there are some black and white cliparts for students to color at school or at home. You can find this collection at TPT. Check them. You will like them.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Teacher Wishlist for Next Year

I am getting excited about ordering things for next year. For whatever reason, I was a bit left out of the party last year so I want to come back strong this one.

My favorite 5 things to order are:

1. An electronic sharpener. Look at this one. I love it. It is the Wescott iPoint.

 Westcott iPoint Electronic Sharpener

  2. Erasers. When I was a kid at school I loved erasers. There was a brand Milan that I really liked. Unfortunately, they are not around anymore. My second choice is.. The Pencil Grip.

 Don't you love them? And ...

3. A school supply caddy..

 School Supply Caddy

 Isn't is gorgeous? I have been looking for one for years. 
And this is it.

What about you?        

     What do you have in your wishlist?              

Meeting Up with Other Teacher Bloggers

Fonts 4 Teachers is meeting with fellow bloggers Teacher to the Core and Second Grade Sparkle, and whoever wants to join us. Apparently, the meeting place will be in Southern California, to be exact in beautiful Orange County. The tentative date is March 23 at 12:00 pm.

My only fear is that I think I will be the only guy there. So hopefully some other male teacher bloggers join us and have a blast. Well anyways the idea is awesome and we can learn a lot from each other.
Think of joining us!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Great Science Project for the Classroom

I am linking to 2nd Grade Pad for her Mad Scientist Day and Falling into First.

Welcome to 2nd Grade Pad

 Today I was working with my first grade class on the physical properties of things: liquids, gasses and solids.

It was a lot of fun. Students where really engaged and came up with fabulous pictures. One student came to me saying, all serious, that he wanted to be a scientist. He wanted to invent a machine to make chocolate candy. What about that?

Today we are going to reflect on what we did today. It was an awesome activity.

See the ideas that they came up with.  What do you think of my class now?

What Did They Say!?