Friday, March 29, 2013

Printable Easter Alphabet Letters 4 Kids

A high-resolution, colorful, fully scalable digital Easter Clip-Art Alphabet. Perfect to print large pattern letters for kids, words and titles for all your craft projects and bulletin boards.


No more trying to design your own letters or wasting time creating complex designs in Photoshop. With this ready-to-print Alphabet, you can print the letters directly from the file and then cut and glue it onto objects, paper, fabric, wood or other craft materials. You can also import the Clip-Art Alphabet into your Word document.


 Alphabet Patterns are available by immediate download. Include
upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation and Spanish language characters. Alphabets include 26 letters, capital letters and lower case, as well as punctuation. Over a 100 characters!

PS: This is not a font, but rather a set of images you can either print by themselves, or drag-and-drop one by one to insert them in your Word document.

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