Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Great Science Project for the Classroom

I am linking to 2nd Grade Pad for her Mad Scientist Day and Falling into First.

Welcome to 2nd Grade Pad

 Today I was working with my first grade class on the physical properties of things: liquids, gasses and solids.

It was a lot of fun. Students where really engaged and came up with fabulous pictures. One student came to me saying, all serious, that he wanted to be a scientist. He wanted to invent a machine to make chocolate candy. What about that?

Today we are going to reflect on what we did today. It was an awesome activity.

See the ideas that they came up with.  What do you think of my class now?

What Did They Say!?


  1. So nice to find another California friend in blogging land! I love your blog! I am your newest follower!
    Kindergarten Milestones

  2. Thanks Sherry. I am following you too!

  3. I think that chocolate candy machine will be a top seller!!!

  4. I just can't wait for that chocolate candy machine! Sounds like your kids had a lot of fun and learned a lot at the same time.

    The Fun Factory