Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Best Teaching Advice for New Teachers

I was reading not long ago an article on Education Week about the best advice for new teachers. The article had many good points, but my I would like to emphasize this one:

Watch other teachers teach. You will probably have to arrange this yourself. But do it, even if it means taking a fake sick day in November to watch colleagues in another school. Do it during your planning period, too. Good teachers will be flattered when you ask permission to sit in their classes for a half-hour. Once you watch a dozen other teachers, you'll have a baseline for measuring your own successes and screw-ups, plus a basket of field-tested techniques. 

It is all about growing and learning everyday. Do not get stuck. Your teaching techniques will get rusty as you get too comfortable in your room thinking that you know everything. 

Fellow teachers give us your opinion about the best piece of advice you ever got. You can join this amazing Linky party at Dragonflies in First and share with us all your opinions. 


  1. Excellent advice! Thank you for sharing the linky. I am going to check it out.
    Forever A Teacher, Forever A Learner

  2. I have observed other teachers and this is a good way to grow as a teacher. Observing other educators while they are teaching is a great way to get fresh ideas and measure your own lesson-delivery with. Thank you for the reminder.

    Zoom Zoom Classroom

  3. Oh! I just found your blog through a linky party and love it!!!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach