Friday, November 27, 2015

Best Dyslexia Kit for Classroom Teachers, Parents, and Tutors

One in seven children suffer from dyslexia and the schools aren’t always able to change their curriculum to help these children. This can also be a scary process as many reading programs for dyslexia kitdyslexia can be very expensive! Others require many hours of training to help children with dyslexia. When looking for dyslexia toolkits it’s very important to do your research into these toolkits as some of them can be written and have no factual basis in them. 

As dyslexia is a lifelong condition it is important to learn what type of dyslexia your child has and how they can learn. Some children can learn words just by seeing them while others will struggle and may even be deemed “unable to be taught.” This is not the child’s or anybody’s fault but there are ways to help the child.

As dyslexia is becoming much more researched and understood there are many options available for parents and those who suffer from dyslexia. With today’s technology there are many programs available out there to help people with their dyslexia. As no two people are exactly alike each child will have different ways of learning. Many of these programs are also fairly inexpensive and can be downloaded onto a laptop, phone, or tablet. One important thing to do for your dyslexia friendly toolkit is to look into books and other materials that help people with dyslexia. Many of these books are written by dyslexics themselves!

There are many programs that can help dyslexic children, especially those who have difficulty with phonics. Some of these programs and options will bypass the phonics sounding it out idea and go into pattern recognition training. Many parents of dyslexic children swear by the use of a lap top. If the child is old enough and the teachers permit it the child can bring one into class. By using a lap top they can have everything under different folders so there are no papers and nothing can get lost unless they choose to delete the files.

If lap tops aren’t allowed in class, there are other ways to help with dyslexia. One is to have some form of tinted plastic transparency or transparent paper that can be placed over the writing. Having dark letters against a white background can make it hard for some dyslexics to be able to read the writing. Having a transparency with colored stripes or rulers on them can help children with dyslexia. By lining up the line with the words it can help them be able to read the line and words will stand out a little better. If the child still has difficulty reading sometimes an arrow pointing in the direction of the way words are read can help. Such as if the person is supposed to read from left to right have the arrow point to the right so the child knows which way to follow. There many ready to print worksheets for dyslexia available now.

If also possible have pictures to go with words. Having an identifiable image can help a dyslexic child be able to associate with a certain word and make it easier for them to figure out the meaning. As everyone learns differently what may work for one person with dyslexia may not work for another. There are many tutors and others who can help give you advice on what is the best dyslexia toolkit for your child.

As always we are available for help and answering questions about dyslexia here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Best Dyslexia Colored Paper

dyslexia colored paperDyslexia Colored Paper

Whether you are creating printed materials for dyslexic students or dyslexic employees, having the right type of paper can make it much, much easier for those with dyslexia to read and process the information you are trying to present. Here are some tips to help you choose the best dyslexia colored paper:

  • Do not choose a dark color. Having light text on dark paper will only make the words more difficult to read for those with dyslexia. Instead of printing light text on a dark background, choose a more neutral color.

  • Use paper with some color, instead of stark, white paper. White paper, just like dark paper, can be difficult for someone who has dyslexia to read. Choosing a color that is neither too dark, nor too light can solve this problem. Both cream and beige are great colors for printing materials.

  • Use a matte color, instead of paper with gloss. Glossy paper might look more professional, but the glare that it creates may make it much more difficult to read what is printed on that paper. Using paper that has a matte finish will prevent glare from being an additional impediment to reading the printed materials.

  • Choose thick paper. The higher quality your paper is, the less likely it is to let printed material bleed through from the other side. If you are going to print on both sides of the paper, use paper that is heavy enough so that printing on one side does not interfere with trying to read paper on the other side. Paper that has a GSM of between 80 and 90 is usually thick enough.

Additional Tips

When printing material for individuals who struggle with dyslexia, choose a dyslexia friendly font and make sure it is printed large enough that there is ample space between the letters and words. Make sure there is plenty of white space on the page, too. Short lines, limited to seventy characters or less, with plenty of space in between the lines can help and individual from getting confused or overwhelmed. If you need to emphasize something, do not put it in all caps or italics, both of which can make the words and letters run together. Whenever possible, use bullets and other formatting techniques to separate and highlight the most important points. Use these tips for finding the right paper and formatting the text properly and your printed materials or dyslexia worksheets, will be perfect for dyslexic readers!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Labor Day Linky Party

Fonts 4 Teachers blog is going to throw a linky party for Labor Day.

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Happy linky party

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Everyday is Like Sunday Linky Party

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back To School Clipart Images {FREE}

Back to School Clipart Images is collection of 18 high resolution clip art images for your school projects during back to school. Especially designed by clip art master Ramon Abajo. All the images you need for this special season. Students can color some of the images. The images included are:

Back to School Clipart - Apple
Back to School Clipart – Apple (Black and White)
Back to School Clipart - Apple and Book
Back to School Clipart - Apple and Book (Black and White)
Back to School Clipart - Bird Teacher
Back to School Clipart - Bird Teacher (Black and White)
Back to School Clipart - Caterpillar Teacher
Back to School Clipart - Caterpillar Teacher (Black and White)
Back to School Clipart - Dinosaur Writing
Back to School Clipart - Dinosaur Writing (Black and White)
Back to School Clipart - I’m Back
Back to School Clipart - I’m Back (Black and White)
Back to School Clipart - Kid Walking
Back to School Clipart - Kid Walking (Black and White)
Back to School Clipart - Kid with Ball
Back to School Clipart - Kid with Ball (Black and White)
Back to School Clipart - Teacher and Mouse
Back to School Clipart - Teacher and Mouse (Black and White)

You can get the entire ClipArt4Teachers collection. 564 black/white and color, high resolution images (JPEG) divided into 22 categories (Personal and Commercial use). Click HERE

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Memorial Day Vocabulary Worksheets with Fun

Memorial Day: Learn Vocabulary With Fun contains 16 activities in pdf’s for students to practice and learn the Memorial Day vocabulary. Students will improve recognition, memorization and acquisition of this vocabulary rapidly. These activities introduce an interesting element, since students are learning with fun.

The 25 Memorial Day words included in the activities are: barbecue, blue, cemetery, flag, freedom, holiday, honor, May, Monday, monument, Old Glory, parade, patriotism, picnic, red, respect, silence, soldier, speech, statue, unknown, veteran, war, wreath & white. 

 Not all of the Memorial Day vocabulary appears at a time in the same worksheet. So you will need to use several activities if you want to practice all of them. Or you can choose the Memorial Day activity that best matches your needs. 

 The 16 Memorial Day vocabulary included in packet are the following:
Memorial Day Activity: Word Shapes
Memorial Day Activity: Word Search
Memorial Day Activity: Word Maze
Memorial Day Activity: Word Links
Memorial Day Activity: Study Sheet
Memorial Day Activity: Spiral
Memorial Day Activity: Spelling Challenge
Memorial Day Activity: Secret Trails
Memorial Day Activity: Missing Letters
Memorial Day Activity: Lined
Memorial Day Activity: Jumbles
Memorial Day Activity: Framework
Memorial Day Activity: Crosswords
Memorial Day Activity: Alphabetical Order
Memorial Day Activity: Alphabetical Order I
Memorial Day Activity: Alphabet Soup