Saturday, April 19, 2014

Every Day is Like Sunday! Linky Party

Fonts 4 Teachers is having a biweekly linky party. It will be called Every Day is Like Sunday and will run for two weeks instead of one as previously anticipated! 

Please invite your friends to join us! 
The previous one was a complete success. More than 200 entries. And many teachers linked to it from Facebook, Pinterest and their own blogs. We had about 1,000 visits the first day. Some TPT stores seem to have benefited a lot. Thanks a lot to those who joined us!!!!

Please adhere to these 2 simple guidelines:

1. You can upload only 2 products. One paid and one freebie. And you can link up directly to your store. No problem.

2. Follow my TPT store. Click here it takes 5 seconds. Failure to comply will result in your pic being deleted.

***This blog has about 500 visits a day. In addition, this linky party will be announced in my 2,400 Facebook, 4,300 Pinterest followers and my 700 Twitter fans.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Everyday is Like Sunday Linky Party!

Fonts 4 Teachers is having a weekly linky party. It will be called ! Please invite your friends to join us!

Please adhere to these simple guidelines:

1. You can upload only 2 products. One paid and one freebie. And you can link up directly to your store. No problem.
2. Follow this blog.

***This blog has a readership of about 500 visits a day. In addition, this linky party will be announced in my 2,400 followers Facebook page, my 4,200 followers Pinterest boards and my 700 Twitter fans.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Manuscript Handwriting Practice Worksheets for Kids

Manuscript Handwriting Practice Worksheets for Kids

Manuscript handwriting practice includes more 500 ready-to-print handwriting worksheets divided into 23 categories:
1. Trace Letters
2. Write within the Lines
3. Letter Formation
4. Letter Book
5. Number Words
6. Letter Words
7. More Letters
8. Color Words
9. Calendar Words
10. Tracing & Matching
11. Coloring & Writing
12. Writing Letters
13. Coloring Words
14. Writing Words II
15. Reading & Writing
16. Select Correct Word
17. Writing Correct Word
18. Cut & Paste
19. Pencil Activities
20. Searching Words
21. Writing Words I
22. Flash Cards
23. Certificate
Activities include tracing, tracking, copying, practice of patterns, the alphabet, capital letters, lower case and many more....

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Aquatic Creatures Craft Book - Libro de Manualidades, Animales Acuaticos

This 30 page craft’s book includes 12 activities in Spanish with the following aquatic creatures:

  1. Turtle I
  2. Fish I
  3. Crab I
  4. Jellyfish
  5. Sea Crab
  6. Turtle II
  7. Multicolor Fish
  8. Sea horse
  9. Frog
  10. Fish II
  11. Crab II
  12. Animals Clamp (Conch, Seahorse, Piranha, Sea Crab)

Children love learning about aquatic creatures. This is an amazing way to expand their knowledge about this subject. These craft projects are for students from pre-k to 1st grade.  For this activity you will need either a plastic plate, a plastic glass, a paper bag or a cloth peg.  Students have to cut out, color and glue the different parts of the animal.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

12 Reasons Why Some Teachers Might Not Be Making Money in Pinterest

Andrea Eldridge for wrote an amazing article­­ in the Huffington Post on February 19, 2014. I have made a summary for you, since the original is quite long. If you want to read the whole article, click here.

Pinterest is a fun way to create and share a visual, digital collection of the things you like, want to try or find appealing. Its images that link to webpages -- a mouthwatering picture of a pie takes you to the recipe, or an image of a scarf takes you to a blog post with a DIY tutorial. 

You can pin anything you find on the web, your own images, or re-pin something another Pinterest user has posted. Follow pinners with similar interests and as you share cool stuff other users will start to follow you. If you want to make the most of what Pinterest has to offer, though, there are some common mistakes to try to avoid. Here are the twelve top things that anyone who has used Pinterest has probably done at least once.

1.      Re-pinning without verifying that the weblink is legit: Before you repin, take a second to follow the pin to its destination. If don't confirm that the pin points to a legitimate website, you could be inadvertently aiding in the spread of spam or malware.

2.      Forgetting to update the pin description when you re-pin: Make sure that the description is clear, uses proper grammar, and doesn't reference someone else's children.

3.      Neglecting to pin original content: Re-pinning stuff you see on Pinterest is quick and easy, but pinning links to cool images, stories, crafts or recipes you find while surfing the net is what's going to make your boards fresh and unique.

4.      Not including searchable terms in your pin description: If you want to make it easy for other Pinterest users to find things you pin using Pinterest's search function, use accurate search terms in your pin descriptions and board names.

5.      Expiring pins: Periodically, check through your content to see that your pins still link to the intended content and purge those pins that send you to dead pages.

6.      Using #hashtags in your description: Did you forget that you aren't on Twitter?

7.      Not picking the right images: If you want your pins to stand out, they have to include engaging, beautiful or adorable images. Make sure you choose an image that isn't too small, blurry, or low quality.

8.      Going on a pinning bender: Decide on a reasonable time limit before you launch the Pinterest site and stick to it. The pins will be there tomorrow, I promise.

9.      Following someone just because they follow you: This is a no-no.

10.  Lack of organization One caveat: too many boards can be just as overwhelming. If you find yourself with a bunch of boards that have just one or two pins on them, it may be time to consolidate.

11.  Pinning gift ideas to public pages: Keep a few ideas to yourself by pinning them to a board you've made private if you want to take credit for being amazing.

12.  Forgetting to save the stuff you REALLY want to more than one place: If it's really important, save it (not just the web-link) somewhere else like Dropbox so that you can have a copy even if the original content moves or gets taken down.

 Andrea Eldridge is CEO of Nerds On Call, which offers onsite computer and laptop repair to homeowners and small
 businesses. Based in Redding, Calif., it has locations in five states. Contact Eldridge at

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday Deals 2013

12 Fonts 4 Dyslexia (NEW)
Old Price: $55.00
Price: $17.00
You save: $38.00
 (Offer expires today)

Looking for a Clear, Simplified Font Collection to
Help Your Dyslexic Students Learn to Read?

Dear Teacher,

The award-winning developer and Fonts4Teachers creator Ramón Abajo has done it again. He has developed a set of attractive, easy-to-read fonts that your students are guaranteed to love...and find easier to read.

Fonts4Teachers is proud to introduce the Fonts 4 Dyslexia collection. This collection was designed specifically with ease-of-use for dyslexic and special-needs readers in mind.

What Makes the Fonts 4 Dyslexia Collection So Helpful?

The Fonts 4 Dyslexia collection was designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind. While most typefaces emphasize aesthetics, symmetry, and shape repetition, it makes each letter significantly unique, so that developing readers can more easily distinguish one character from another. Each of the fonts is highly simplified in form, yet each stands out with a unique and unmistakable clarity.

The Fonts 4 Dyslexia collection contains no quirks or serifs. The design also incorporates greater spaces between letters, heavier capital letters, diacritic marks and punctuation marks, and a suite of other unique characteristics.
The bottom line? These fonts were designed for clarity. And for your young readers, the more clarity...the easier it will be for them to discover the joy of reading.   

Get Both Sets of Fonts 4 One Great Price

This fonts’ collection contains two font variations, which have been adapted to appeal to readers in two different age groups. This normally retails for $($55.00). If you order the collection today, you'll get them for just ($17.00).  You SAVE $38.00.

But don't wait, this deal is only good through 12 a.m. tonight!
Keep your developing readers going strong! 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers Promo Code - December 2013 (Cyber Monday)

Teachers Pay Teachers Promo Code - December 2013 
(Cyber Monday: Monday and Tuesday). 


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