Thursday, January 7, 2016

Best Reading Tools for Dylexics

dyslexia reading tools that work

Looking for dyslexia reading tools? 

Are you or someone you know dyslexic? Is reading a chore that you think you’ll never master? Don’t worry-- there is hope! There are many tech and non-tech options to help make reading easier. Some of my favorites non-tech dyslexia reading tools for dyslexia:

 Tinted pages - black text on white background has been proven to be difficult for dyslexics to read. Instead of struggling, place a tinted or colored transparency over the book page or worksheet to make it easier on your eyes and brain.

 Rulers - Place a ruler under the line of text you’re reading. It helps you focus only on one thing at a time and helps you read in a straight line instead of having your eyes jump around the page.

 Find a topic you enjoy -- Learning about something you already are interested in can turn reading into a fun activity instead of a challenge. If you like legos, find books about legos. This reading tool works for more than just dyslexics. Any reluctant reader can benefit from this strategy.

If you’re looking for some more high tech dyslexia reading tools options, consider the following:

 Ghotit Real Writer - A bit pricey at $99 and only found in the Apple app store, Ghotit is perfect if you badly misspell words, confuse letters/words and have trouble with homophones. If you’re looking for an advanced dyslexia reading tool to help with writing more than reading, Ghotit is a good choice.

 Sam Spy Reading Series - A free series of digital books, Sam Spy Reading was created by a doctor to help his dyslexic son learn to read. The text starts out simple with only a few words on the page and progressive gets harder. It is only available on iOS.

 Play & Learn Languages - a free app to help dyslexics or any reluctant reader learn new words and even languages in a fun flash card style. It is only available for android.

 Learn To Read, Write, and Spell - another free app learning tool that helps both children and adult who struggle with dyslexia and other learning difficulties learn to read, write, and spell in a fun, engaging way. Available only on iOS.

 Special Fonts Software - Just like colored paper or tinted transparencies can be a great dyslexic reading tool, so can using special fonts. Designed for both mobile devices and computers, dyslexia friendly fonts are a great tool. One of the best options is the fonts found at There’s even over 1,200 activities you can download in addition to the fonts to help with reading challenges and many more tools that will make your life easier.

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