Friday, January 15, 2016

Looking for a Dyslexia Friendly Typeface?

dyslexia friendly typeface: Easy Read

When a person has dyslexia he will unconsciously switch, rotate, and even mirror letters without them even realizing it.  This can make reading very difficult.  Traditional typefaces such as Helvetica are a good example.  It can be especially confusing when the letters “N”, “U”, “B”, and “D” are used.  In several typefaces the letters are mirrored, flipped over, or switched.
Is there a dyslexia friendly typeface that can help me? You may ask.

Yes, there is!

As dyslexia becomes more understood many publishers are starting to print books with dyslexic friendly typefaces.  Some of these books are also available in e-format so you can easily purchase them and download them onto your tablet for easy reading.
This is great for books but you may also be wondering about what about other dyslexia typefaces in general?  So many things are done online these days which can make reading online difficult.  What if you want to type away on your computer or read something on your computer that isn’t a dyslexic friendly typeface?

You mustn’t worry as we’ve got you covered!  Along with physical books with typeface for dyslexics out there there are several dyslexia typefaces that are available for 
download either for free or for a rather inexpensive price.  Many of these dyslexia typefaces have been developed by people who are dyslexic themselves so these creators know how to help you!

Some of these dyslexia typefaces involve making bottom heavy letters so that your mind can’t turn the letters.  With some of these typefaces the spaces between the letters are bigger as well for easier reading.  Punctuation marks and capitalized letters can be made bolder so that it is easier to read and the paragraph does not appear as one big run on sentence.

There is also a special type of dyslexia typeface known as “Read Regular” or “Zwijsen Dyslexiefont” that was developed in 2003 by graphic designer Natascha Frensch.  This person developed a typeface specifically designed for easy reading font for people with dyslexia.  This particular font and help with it can easily be found through an online search.
Though it is rather expensive there is a dyslexia typeface out there that is often recommended.  This typeface is called “Sassoon” and can be purchased online.  This typeface is different as the letter shapes are similar to those that are used in school to teach handwriting.  The letter shapes are exaggerated to emphasize the word shapes.

Another dyslexia typeface is called “Myriad Pro” which is a modern easy reading typeface designed by Adobe.  Many sites have begun adopting this font for easy readying for people with dyslexia.  This typeface has a clean sans serif look that makes reading easy for people with dyslexia. Another great example of a dyslexia typeface is EZRead/EZWrite/Brain Games by font expert Ramon Abajo, from Downhill Publishing.

When looking into which dyslexia typeface will help you the best be sure to do some research.  Many of the sites will post reviews of their fonts.  What typeface will work for you may not work for someone else and that’s okay.  With a little time and work you will be able to find out which dyslexia typeface works best for you!

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