Thursday, April 18, 2013

Word Search Puzzles: Brain Stimulation With Fun

Word search puzzles are ideal to help students stimulate their brains and be able to recognize words and sequence of letters. They can also expand their vocabulary during workshop time in the literacy centers or as a game for phonics or reading. 


Each word search puzzle includes a different number of words that go across or down. Students have to copy a word that is the topic of the puzzle and then read, find and circle. They can also color the picture at the bottom that goes with the theme. 

The selection of topics include: animals, bathroom, classroom, desert, elephant, family, garage, house, ice cream, jungle, kitchen, lighthouse, music, nursery, ocean, party, queen, railroad, space, toys, umbrella, valentine, water, exotic, yard, and zoo.

Over 500 ready-to-print handwriting worksheets divided into 23 categories.

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