Monday, September 30, 2013

Poster Maker Software for School Teachers (Windows and Mac)

A simple program to make your own poster!

PosteRazor is a software that easily helps you make your own posters at school and at home. All that you need is a picture, the PosteRazor and a standard color printer.


Why is a poster so appealing? Maybe it’s because a poster is more than a photo. It is something that captures life in greater width and height. That’s why posters also easily become keepsakes.

The PosteRazor cuts an image or a picture into pieces which can afterwards be printed out and assembled to a poster. The resulting poster is saved as a multipage PDF document.


  1. Ramon, I'd also encourage you to try Lucidpress which is free for education as well. It has an easy online poster maker which students can collaborate on, and it can also be used for newsletters, brochures and flyers.

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