Wednesday, February 20, 2013

3 Cool Things About Me (I am not Canadian)

As visitors to this blog grow fast, I feel like I have to open up a bit more and share some things about me:

1. My school: It is located South of Los Angeles. The funny thing is that back in the day, it was a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood. Years later it changed into an all African American community. And right now, it is mostly Latino. What about that?


Well the picture is not great, but the school is.

2. My favorite sport: I am a big fan of soccer (sorry Hockey!), also called football in Europe and all over the world. I play every week with my friends. In fact, we are playing tonight. This is the place we play.


3. Something that makes me feel awesome: When my boys come to my bed on the weekend. Priceless!

 Here with my beautiful wife!



  1. I'm not Canadian but LOVE hockey! Never got into soccer :)


  2. Thanks for linking up!! Your school looks beautiful!! I love it when my boys crawl in my bed on weekends too!!