Monday, February 4, 2013

These 8 Things Will Get You Banned From Pinterest

Pinterest is today on of the trendiest social networks of all. It is gaining thousands of members by the day. But some people are facing the dark side of it. You will be banned from Pinterest if you:

1) Use other company's name. You are not authorized to open an account on behalf of any company. If you do so, you are going against Pinterest's Terms & Privacy policies.

2. Pin content that is copyrighted. Be careful with the content you pin. If you write a post for your blog, add and image and later you pin that image, make sure that the image is free. There are lots of places that let you use images copyright free, like Morguefile. Use those.

3) Use a bot. Marketers and non-marketers see Pinterest as a source of unlimited traffic and revenue. They are beginning to automate pinning, repinning, liking... Well Pinterest is trying to stop this with the introduction of a series of antispam measures.

4) Copy content from Pinterest. Do not use any content found in Pinterest for your blog or any other social network unless it is done manually.

5) Scrape for contacts. Your lists of contacts should come from opt-ins that have been set up manually. Do not use a bot to collect personal information in Pinterest.

6) Use spam for comments. Blogging etiquette requires individuals to enter the info in the comments section manually. Pinterest etiquette requires individuals to do the same.

7) Use links in the wrong place.  Links you be included in the description section of the pin. Please refrain from writing the link elsewhere.

8) Get banned The are no second chances in Pinterest. Once you are banned, you are banned forever. They make it clear that their "service is not available for any user that was previously removed"

And what do you think of all these. Leave a comment!

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