Monday, February 25, 2013

Hall Pass and Sunny Days in Second Awesome Linky Parties

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits is having a great Linky party. So is Sunny Days in Second Grade. I decided to join both.

Here is my hall pass. I will start.

1. My favorite product: All the products that Fonts 4 Teachers have created are awesome, but some of them have special connotations. Our Fonts 4 Teachers Deluxe is probably one of our latest big hits. It is a product designed for either Elementary school, English Learners, Special Education, Homeschooling... You name it.

You can create amazing worksheets for your class and tailor your instruction to all the students needs.

  The potential of this program is awesomeeeeeee!

2. My favorite area in the school: My favorite area is the technology station. Take a look a this beautiful place.

3. My signal: When I raise my hand to indicate that an activity is about to start and everyone has to listen carefully. No time to play.
4. Sanity: This is a big word for a teacher like me. I loose my patience very often, my sanity every minute and my mind... well I lost it a long time ago.

I hope you enjoyed the post! 


  1. Your technology space is so very beautiful!!

  2. Love that technology space! It looks like fun!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  3. I love that Print font that the kids can trace! I need to check that out for my K babies! I love that technology station! The teal and yellow are so fun.


  4. I love the fonts - especially the D'Nealian ones. I'm following you (TPT & blog) and added the fonts to my wishlist. And I'm such a fan of the tech station. Wish we had room (and finances!) for something like that! What a great spot for the students.
    Teacher Treasure Hunter

  5. I love all Fonts 4 Teachers fonts! Because all my work is in foreign languages, I soooo appreciate fonts with the Latin-1 supplement (a.k.a. foreign accent marks). Thank you for making my work possible with your great fonts!


  6. Wow! Your technology center is amazing. It's easy to see you take a lot of pride in that area of your room! Your fonts are great!
    Oh, How Pintearesting!